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Two Crime Writers And A Microphone

Mar 26, 2020

It's where it's at!

Lockdown ongoing, with Steve highlighting the real victims of no social contact. We're joined by the internationally bestselling Ruth Ware! She joins us talk homeschooling, writing during this period, working with editors, and much more. Also, 'Am I the Arsehole?' returns, with a specific issue...

Mar 25, 2020

It's where it's at!

We're in Lockdown mode now, so expect a little delirium to enter the episode, as we talk online deliveries, Luca's lack of pasta, and how to get cancelled accidentally. We're joined by a very special guest in CL (Cally) Taylor, who talks about setting books during this time period, how to work with...

Mar 19, 2020

It's where it's at!

More lamppost chat, new book releases, and ducks are all discussed in this episode. We shine a light on new releases and answer questions galore from you, the listeners. Find out our favourite books, what you should read before writing, and as a special extra, a fantastic Terry Wogan impression.

Mar 18, 2020

It's where it's at!

We're back for a new season. In our first episode after a short break, we discuss where we've been, lampposts, and a certain virus. We're joined by the author Tony Kent, who was booked without us realising he was recovering from that certain virus! He talks about how he got through a scary week, his...