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Two Crime Writers And A Microphone

Jul 26, 2017

It’s where it’s at!

Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste present a brand new podcast for readers and writers which will bring you the latest news in the book world, interviews with the best writers, agents, publicists, editors, and literary agents in the business. Also, each week we'll hear from some of the best book reviewers around, who'll give us their reads of the week. 

This week, it's a special live recording of the show! The crime writerly duo were at the Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival the previous weekend and played a hilarious game with five excellent authors. Two Truths and a Lie! Featuring the talents of Isabel Ashdown, A.K. Benedict, Julie Cohen, Elle Croft, and Mason Cross. Which author danced on tour with Roger Daltrey? Who is a massive Taylor Swift fan? Who met Stephen King in a pet cemetery in Maine... find out the truths and the lies in this week's special episode!


Produced by Twenty Inches of Monkey Productions

Music by Stuart Neville