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Two Crime Writers And A Microphone

Nov 7, 2016

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It’s where it’s at! Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste present a brand new podcast for readers and writers which will bring you the latest news in the book world, interviews with the best writers, agents, publicists, editors, and literary agents in the business. Also, each week we'll hear from some of the best book reviewers around, who'll give us their reads of the week. This week Steve and Luca discuss an article examining the use of the word “girl” in book titles, the Collins dictionary words of 2016, Donald Trump, and more. Noelle Holton of Crimebookjunkie fame gives this week’s recommendations including I Know Your Secret by Graham Smith, and Exclusion Zone by JM Hewitt. Sunday Times Bestselling author and all round legend Craig Robertson is the star this week. He chats to Steve and Luca about Murderabalia, his brand new thriller, and gives us an intriguing insight into his past as a journalist. This is a fantastic interview which swings from laugh-out-loud stuff to quiet moments of real emotion. Steve and Luca’s recommendations this week are Hitchcock/Truffaut, and Story Of Your Life by Ted Chiang. Stay tuned to the end for an Inspector Mallard update. Credits. Produced by: Twenty Inches of Monkey Productions. Original Music by: Stuart Neville